Family Photos Don’t Have to be an Extra Stress

After working 5 years now with photographing families, I have realized that sometimes people need some tips organizing themselves, especially if they are a big family. So I have pulled the knowledge I have learned over the years into 5 simple tips that will get you rolling on your family pictures. This are broad tips, because the specific details are different from photographer to photographer, so don’t be afraid to ask for specifics. Want my specifics? Comment at the bottom with your email for me. Okay so I hope these help take some stress off of getting ready for photos:

Using a Studio:

  • This is always a big one. Working in a photo studio I saw many different size families from 3 to 20 people. If you want to use a photo studio, the best thing to do is go to a private one. These studios have the flexibility and the space for a large family. After working three years in a chain portrait studio, I can confidently say if you have a large family with small kids you are not going to get a variety, because the allotted time is normally only 10 to 20 minutes and pictures can take much longer than that. You are only going to get what they can do no matter what the kids are doing. So be prepared for crying pictures. Trust me it ALWAYS happens at some point during the shoot. So this is why going to a private studio who can be more flexible with time and calming little ones down.

Outside Locations:

  • Taking pictures outside has been the trend since the digital age of photography took over. The best tip I can give you is talk to your photographer. Trust me they have a list of great locations for the pictures you might want. Also, do your own research. If you want a specific theme or scenery it doesn’t hurt for you to look up different areas around you.

Time Frame:

  • We are always concerned with making sure we stick to a timeline, so you know your family. Do they need to be told to be there earlier than usual because they are always late? Are they punctual? You know your family, so make sure you take time frame into account, because with either a private photographer or a chain studio, time is money and they have a schedule as well.

Finding a Private Photographer:

  • Make sure your photographer fits what you are looking for. All photographers have different styles, so make sure you shop around. Use Facebook, see if they have a website or recommendations from previous clients. Ask friends if they know someone or use the web. I found an awesome website called Photographer Central where you can search private photographers in your area and IT’S A FREE SERVICE. Don’t just settle. Make sure you get the photographer you like.


  • Wear solid colors. No Patterns! The colors either need to be all the same or complimenting. Need some ideas for complimenting? See the diagrams below:

Also, wearing jeans with just black shirts or even white shirts are a great choice as well!

Okay so there you have it! Six tips on how to get ready for your family photos! Keep a look out for more photography tips!

~Stories & Memories by AshleyDannie~


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